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With over 8 million people, the Indonesian community abroad represents approximately three percent of the Indonesian population. Indonesian communities are found in all seven continents – North America, South America, Antartica, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Indonesians live, study or work overseas and come from different ethnicity, religions, and levels of economy and education. They come with different ideas, skills, and potential.

Together, these constituents form the Indonesian diaspora which can be a real force for helping Indonesian development and creating a better world.┬áBy recognizing the potential of an Indonesian diaspora as a social and economic force for a better Indonesia and a better world, members of the Indonesian diaspora organized themselves as a network to connect and unite members of the Indonesian diaspora all over the world under the banner the ” Indonesian Diaspora Network”. The Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) was established as a result of discussions at the Ways Forward Session at the Congress of Indonesian Diaspora (CID) in Los Angeles 2012 and CID II 2013 in Jakarta.

IDN Chapter Austin was formed on February 23, 2013, at Cedar Park Recreation Center, Cedar Park, Texas. Bapak Konjen Al Busyra from KJRI (Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia) Houston witnessed the formation of IDN Chapter Austin. The opening ceremony was opened with Pendet dance. IDN Socialization by Ibu Dita and the Indonesian community in Austin voted 7 people to form the first committee:



Tim Formatur IDN-USA Chapter Austin

Airin Sarini Widodo
Butet Amick
Dian O.Smith
Evie Thompson
Fandi Homan
Johannes Muljadi
Yuni Irawan

Thank you very much, Bapak Al Busyra for your time and for your advise for our Diaspora Austin community. Congratulations to Tim Formatur IDN-USA Chapter Austin!

Our Vision

  • To be an umbrella organization for all to Indonesia related organizations,
  • To be a desk function for all related organizations, to advance the multilateral relations between Indonesia and the countries with IDN national chapters as well as countries without IDN national chapters and to be a networking organization
  • To be a hub for ideas, solutions, resources and networks for shared prosperity, and a force for peace and progress
  • To be an active role player in bridging Indonesia and the rest of the world
  • To be meaningful for Indonesia and Indonesian people through its honest thoughts and deeds, as to be reflected by its mission and programs.
  • And to perform all duties related to and aiding in the above-mentioned aims.

Our Mission

  • The IDN tries to accomplish her vision by:
    • Organizing, among other things, social-cultural, sporting and nurturing activities;
    • Dialogue and cooperation with organizations and people who can contribute to accomplish the aims of the foundation.
  • To facilitate and share knowledge in Indonesia and Indonesians Worldwide.
  • To raise the well-being and welfare of Indonesians by all means in Indonesia and abroad.

2013 – 2014 Officers

  • President: Bp. Fandi Homan
  • Vice President: Ibu Dian Smith
  • Secretary: Ibu Hetty Atmadja
  • Treasurer: Ibu Yuni Irawan

2014 – 2016 Officers

  • President: Bp. Fandi Homan
  • Vice President: Ibu Airin Widodo
  • Secretary: Ibu Dian Smith
  • Treasurer: Ibu Hetty Atmadja
  • Executive (Program) Director: Ibu Yuni Irawan
  • Public Relation Director & Co: Bp. Johanes Muljadi & Ibu Shinta Muljadi
  • Social Director: Ibu Fatimah Coronado

2016 – 2018 Officers


  • President: Ibu Sarini Octasali (Airin)
  • Vice President: Ibu Marilyn Walewangko (Carla)
  • Secretary: Ibu Dian Smith
  • Secretary for External Affairs: Ibu Evie Thompson
  • Treasurer: Ibu Hetty Atmadja
  • Social Media: Ibu Hana Pangestu
  • General Committees: Ibu Butet Amick and Ibu Fatimah Coronado
  • Advisors: Bp. Johanes Muljadi & Bp. Fandi Homan

2018 – 2020 Officers

  • President: Ibu Hana Pangestu-Camacho
  • Vice President & Treasury: Ibu Hetty Atmadja
  • Secretary: Ibu Evie Thompson
  • Public Relations & Communications: Bp. Dedy Tando
  • Social Media: Bp. Eugene Villarreal
  • Advisors: Ibu Dian Orah Smith, Ibu Evie Thompson, Bp. Johanes Muljadi, and Bp. Fandi Homan